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Bookkeeping for small Alternative Health Business 

A passion we share is to empower others to take ownership of their health.

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How will LM Judge Bookkeeping Service help you empower others?


Lauren Judge is a Certified Public Bookkeeper and Owner with several years of Bookkeeping experience in multiple fields: Life/Wellness/Health, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Engineering, and Fabrication. She is a QuickBooks On-Line Pro Advisor and QuickBooks On-Line Payroll Advisor.

Top Alternative Health Business Owner Frustrations:

  • I am overwhelmed and need more time in the day!  

Being a small business owner involves wearing lots of hats, ie, selling your service/product, taking care of your customers’ needs, networking, marketing, continuing education, accounting, and the list goes on.  LM Judge Bookkeeping Service understands your need for more time and will help by alleviating bookkeeping off your to-do list.  With the many options of services for your business, you will receive an accurate and reliable monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial picture of your business.


  • Where is my cash going and what do I do with this box of receipts? 

Please send them to LM Judge Bookkeeping Service and they will be organized and maintained to give you a current understandable financial picture.  When professionals are given clear financial standings, stronger business decisions can be made.  Timely control of cash flow and finances helps small business succeed.


  • I get frustrated trying to understand my Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet?  My business shows a net income but it doesn't match my cash?

LM Judge Bookkeeping Service will review your Financial Statements with you.  Lauren will explain how the numbers were determined and how they correlate with each other.  Together our goal will be to make your business profitable.

  • I have employees and need to pay my Payroll taxes?  Am I doing payroll right?

Lauren is a certified Payroll Specialist and QuickBooks On-Line Payroll Advisor. She will help you set up your payroll and tax payments.

  • I dread the end of the year because I have to send tax information to my Accountant

LM Judge Bookkeeping will organize your day-to-day business record keeping.  At year end Lauren will work closely with your Accountant to provide reports to help make filing your income taxes as smooth as possible.


Whether your business is a startup or an established business, LM Judge Bookkeeping Service is here to help.

It's About What Your Business Needs

Specialize in Serving but not limited to:


Small Business Owners who want to encourage others to grow and live their lives fully:​

  • Health/Wellness Coaches

  • Lifestyle/Life Coaches

  • Personal Trainers

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Massage Therapists

  • Nutritionist

  • Reiki Practitioners

  • Dance/Movement Therapists

  • Breath Coaches

  • Herbal Apothecary

  • Essential Oils

  • Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Natural Hair and Skin Products

Value Pricing


Every business is unique with different bookkeeping needs and wants.  Therefore, Lauren's value pricing focuses on what is important to you and your business.

What LM Judge Bookkeeping Service Offers:


Lauren offers many Bookkeeping Services. During the initial free consultation, Lauren will work with you to establish your business profile and needs.  Click below to learn more about services offered!

My Mission

"To provide small Alternative Health Business Owners a reliable and timely financial picture, giving them a clear understanding to make good business decisions, and the satisfaction of checking off Bookkeeping from their To-Do List"

Lauren Judge CPB CPS

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